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Featured Mixologist/Raise the Bar

The Featured Mixologist is a way for by Robbi to help those in need. Every couple of months we will feature a Mixologist of the Month and that person will mix up a pair of statement earrings and combo pack. This gives you an option to choose from a dangle, studs or both! The Mixologist will choose an approved (by by Robbi) person, family or organization to donate all of the profits of their designed products to. You can find all of the information about the Mixologist of the month and who they are sponsoring in the description section of their custom product.

As a small business owner, I have always and will always jump for joy when an order is placed in my store. It has been a personal and business goal of mine to help spread that joy to those who are truly in need. I have been thinking and praying for a way to help others and RAISE THE BAR with love and kindness. Since you all give me so much joy when you place your orders with me, why not give that joy straight to the family/organization in need with a special product created by a featured Mixologist of the Month.


Please remember that I am a one woman business. I will not be accepting e-mails or messages requesting to be a Featured Mixologist at this time. I will make an announcement when the next Featured Mixologist is available. Thank you all so very much for your continued support, you mean the world to me!

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